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How to become Fundable?

Every business needs funding to finance growth, but not all companies succeed to secure line of credit or private capital. We provide SMEs with experience and dedication to facilitate growth funding, but also practical knowledge how to become fundable.

Fundability Guide for SMEs

Small and medium sized enterprises (SME) are the backbone of economy, employing almost 70% of people in most countries. SMEs are also the creators of new jobs and opportunities for growth.

Growth needs fresh funds and it is not easy to obtain and secure financing for an aspiring growth company or even an established SME. 

Business owners and entrepreneurs are often not in the same page with potential investors. Busy operational nature of SMEs does not often allow for time to design and build solid growth stories and credible plans to pitch for investors.


Our Fundability Guide (in Finnish) provides SME owners and leaders with practical information and recommendations how to get started. Have a look and reflect on how you could change your odds!

The Guide is free to download. 

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