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Growth Needs Capital


We provide clients with capabilities and services to navigate financial markets to obtain a tailored financial solution supporting growth.

Creovista Capital Solutions

Project Equity

Our Project Equity solution is designed for SMEs, and often for early-stage companies, which would benefit from lower initial cost to accelerate growth and company development. Major part of our fee could be exchanged with equity based instrument, enabling our client to get full access on our capabilities and resources from day one of engagement. Project Equity can be applied on a long-term partnership engagement targeting to increase the enterprise value of our client company. 


We participate in a Co-investing engagement in a financial solution or funding along other major investors. Our contribution depends heavily on the type of relationship we have with the client. Typically we have already worked with the client to design and build capabilities to enable the investment or funding to happen. For example we have, together with the client, created a new strategy or business model and designed a financial solution to be executed with new investors. 

Private Placement

Private Placement is specific form of investing we can make a case by case basis. This will include a financial sponsor which is a vital part of our strategic approach. Part of our operation involves screening and searching promising SMEs which could be catapulted to accelerated growth path. In the near future we are planning to launch a private equity investment operation to complement our value creating capabilities.

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