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Experience and References

We translate our experience with past companies and projects for the benefit of our new customers. Our portfolio of references range from start-ups to mid-sized and large global enterprises. We invite you to discuss and experience yourself our value driven approach.

Value focus is the key to our performance

Our experience show that relentless focus on value drives business performance. Understanding the mechanisms how each project or program will contribute to key value drivers (e.g. marketing leads converting to sales leads) which provide companies with actionable insights. We have designed and delivered several programs, shared our experience, expertise and resources resulting clear and measurable value e.g. sales growth and profitability

Selected customer success stories

We are happy to discuss and share case specifics in a confidential setting. We may share case background, objectives, approach and outcomes. However, we do not disclose client details for confidentiality reasons. We are happy to share the following case experiences.


Click a case experience for more detailed case description.

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