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SME Investments

We invest in solid SMEs and support businesses to build continuous enterprise value within a larger ecosystem. Our mission is to create value for owners and investors and embrace entrepreneurship. Our approach is practical, and we operate with transparency and accountability.

Investments in Solid SMEs in Europe  

Market Focus

We focus on global markets benefiting from supporting mega trends to drive value creation: intelligent devices and solutions, industrial services and applications and life-enhancing solutions.


Our continuous market research, sourcing and development practice provides real-time pulse on potential markets.


Our estimated total addressable market today is EUR 200 billion and growing 10-20% annually until 2025.

Target Companies

Typical target company is a SME operating closely to our core markets, and is family-owned or a private company. Typically it has solid operational history, but has reached its risk and capability limits within current ownership. 


In brief, we wish to work with an investment or acquisition opportunity satisfying the following criteria:

  1. Financially stable

  2. Years of operation 

  3. Turnover MEUR 1.0+

  4. B2B market offering

  5. Proven, solid offering

Our Approach

We continuously search, acquire and transform suitable businesses to build a larger ecosystem with clear strategic and financial objectives.


Our private equity business strategy provides investors with direct investment model with equal access to near and long term returns.


Value is created by active, disciplined and modern business management, e.g. open new markets, design sales capability, leverage digital assets and optimising operations within our ecosystem.

Financial Returns

Our mission is to provide solid and balanced returns for owners and investors in the SMEs markets. The investment focus is in mature and financially stable companies which can contribute to strategic insight in our core markets.


We aim to provide continuous results and solid rewards with moderate risk profile.


Returns will materialise to investors periodically and upon realisation of enterprise value according our long term mission.

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