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 Dynamic Nordic SMEs

We focus our services and partner with Nordic companies who continuously explore, search and aspire for growth. Our objective is to provide value driven capabilities, experience and resources to design, build and execute their growth strategy to achieve their goals.

Startup Development Team

High growth start-up and scale-up companies 

Are you leading a start-up company in search for expertise and resources to support your growth? Our typical engagement with start-ups has been focusing on business strategy and financial solution (e.g. funding growth).


Or is your company more mature and operates steadily, but aspires to become a scale-up? We can help you to design and execute your growth journey which takes you company to a whole new level (e.g. scale sales by 2X)

Confident Businessman

Entrepreneurial small and medium sized enterprises

Are you an entrepreneur in a company, that represents the backbone of employers in the Nordic? Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are the core of our customer base, we strive to build and strengthen their future (e.g. ownership transition).


SME are the most important category of companies offering 65-70% of employment in western Europe. We provide you with essential services to evolve, adapt and transform in the changing markets.

Professional Female

Corporate ventures, carve-outs and spin-outs

Is you company considering to refocus and reorganise, looking to divest or spin-out part of your operation? We can support your company in transforming or divesting non-strategic parts of your business from strategizing to execution.


We can design, build and run a venture, become part-owners or manage a transition journey from a corporate operation into solid SME business.

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