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Insights on M&A transactions; completed vs. abandoned

Mergers and acquisitions, or M&A as usually referred within the community and array of practicing experts, provides companies and corporations additional value creating opportunity searching for growth, competitiveness and ultimately value for shareholders.

While a lot of research and studies has been conducted to assess performance and success of M&A activity, SS&C Intralinks together with Acuris Studios provided an interesting and different insights on M&A transactions. Mark Mua from SS&C Intralinks gave last week a presentation in Nordic M&A Private Equity forum in Stockholm on "Abandoned Acquisitions 2.0". Mark's presentation was loaded with data and background from M&A transactions around the globe over 30 years of deals announced and completed or withdrawn i.e. abandoned.

We engaged in discussions with Mark to review the report and found some interesting insights to be considered. The report and its findings are too extensive to be fully covered here but we feel compelled to share some aspects and provide insights to our community and clients. We are happy to discuss our views and recommendations should you or your company contemplate the impact on M&A as a strategy for growth, financial performance and shareholder value creation.