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Case: Biotech Pilot Funding

Client Company Profile

The client is an early-stage circular economy biotech company developing and commercializing bioactive compounds for food and consumer goods markets and industrial markets utilizing forest industry side-streams. The company has strong research and development background within biotech ecosystem including academic research and a solid patent portfolio in key markets globally. The client had completed research phase with prior seed funding and was entering a pre-commercial piloting phase to complete product development and market validation.

Case Objective and Scope

The objective was to obtain funding for the next stage pilot production plant for operational and commercial proof-of-concept (PoC). Together with the client we defined the program scope upon completing initial assessment of the client company situation. The program was a comprehensive development of a business plan and strategy, design and planning of a financial solution to be negotiated with investors.

Value Creation Approach

Initial company and situation analysis provided a foundation for developing the program objective and scope. First phase was to define and evaluate potential markets for their planned product portfolio based on bioactive compounds. Secondly we formulated a strategy for the potential business applications and revenue generating models. Thirdly, we designed and built financial models to encompass business scenarios, plan for the resources and investments, and defining financial structures and funding needs to implement the growth journey for the coming years. In the fourth and final phase we planned and executed investor engagement and financial solution to close a deal with selected investors. During the program Creovista provided program management, design and delivery of key deliverables, and strategic guidance for financial solution and negotiations.

Customer Value and Outcome

The program secured the client with EUR 1.0 million funding for a pilot production plant before next stage larger scale production plant and commercial operations. The client company foundation and capabilities were strengthened with a major industrial anchor investor.

Contact for more details

Tommi Huhtala, Managing Partner

Tel. +358 40 568 5839


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