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Market Insight

We specialise in Small and Medium Enterprises in Europe.

Our exposure and continuous research provide vital market insight for all our clients and stakeholders. Deep understanding of markets, trends and business dynamics are essential for SMEs to succeed, create value and wealth.

Overview of SME Market

SMEs are vital part

of our economy

In the Western Europe Small and Medium size Enterprises (SME) are vital part of the economy. They produce rougly 60% of the GDP in their respective country of origin. SMEs are fundamental in employing almost 70% of people of total working population. 

SME Market and

capability challenges

SMEs face increasing pressures in global markets; competition arises in new frontiers; entering new markets requires insight, new approaches and capabilities. Digital technologies require new skills and capabilities, but their application calls for resources and knowledge beyond current capabilities and operations.

Course of action

for the leading SMEs

SMEs can succeed and prosper

but they must harness new sources of value by embracing change, leveraging digital technologies, applying modern market facing capabilities and initiate agile implementation. We work with SMEs who want to control their destiny and create value by growth and financial performance.

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