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Growth Partner for Nordic SMEs


Creovista is a growth partner for early stage companies and

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in the Nordics

We accelerate growth by designing strategies, creating growth capabilities and delivering solutions to sustainable value creation journeys

Entrepreneurial Growth Partners

We are professionals with a broad range of industry experience. Value has been created and delivered by transforming companies from startups to corporations, leading projects from strategy to execution. In particular we have scaled and managed companies through different stages of growth. We have worked and created solutions in tandem with our clients to transform a good company to great business.

Growth and Value Creation

Creovista focus on growth, business development and financial performance. In practice, we partner with company stakeholders to design, build and deliver critical capabilities which are needed for the goals and strategy of the company . We work hands-on and pull all the stops, providing wide range of skills and resources to reach ambitious growth targets.

Performance and Value Driven

We take our work seriously. Our approach is unique in sharing risk and reward. We work and collaborate against mutually agreed performance goals. Performance means delivering measurable value, from strategic position of strength, improved financial performance and ultimately higher value of the company. Our success is tied with our client's success. 

We are open to discussions and collaboration with SME owners, venture investors, partners and talented people aspring to succeed by creating value with us.


Sofiankatu 4
00170 Helsinki

+358 (0)40 568 5839

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