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Revenue Generation - Sales Capabilities

Ability to generate sales, or actually revenue for growth, is a crucial part of any company's operation from start-ups to global corporations. For each company, regardless of industry or stage there are different challenges, approaches to tackle them and processes with systems to design and create a sales machine, or set of capabilities to produce revenue.

The principles are universal, such as creating leads and converting them to sales, but there are clearly different set of approaches and tools to be applied at a certain stage and situation. Our exposure and various researches show that SMEs in particular could significantly benefit from progressive sales capabilities, supported by market development work to present most promising and valuable segments and target customers.

To get started we recommend SMEs to begin understanding their current and new markets better, setting realistic, and ambitious goals with actionable plans, which are supported by capabilities and resources to make it happen. Too often we hear a 5.000 K€ business plan for a 50.000 M€ market, but not ready to fund and resource it with 50 K€ worth of new capabilities.


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